What happens if I live in a walk-up without a doorman?

We use Chicago Messenger Service for local Chicago deliveries and FedEx for all other deliveries. They will deliver your meals the same way they normally handle packages at your building. We have their word that they will make every attempt to access the building (ringing other buzzers, etc.) and leave your package in a safe location. The meals are delivered in boxes that are insulated to be kept at refrigerated temperatures, so there is no concern about getting them in the fridge immediately.

In order to provide a more customized FedEx delivery experience, we are encouraging all of our customers to sign up for a free FedEx Delivery Manager account. Below are the services available to you with this free account:


To get started, go to https://www.fedex.com/apps/fdmenrollment/.


For more information about which service we use for deliveries to your zip code, please contact our Customer Experience Team by calling 888.573.5727 or email us at help@factor75.com.


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