Do you offer low-sodium meals?

Yes we do! All the sodium in our meals comes from only two sources: naturally occurring sea salt in the ingredient or minimally added sea salt. We only add sea salt in some meals, not all! The sodium content is never affected by things like preservatives.

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for sodium is 2400mg per day. Many Americans consume much, much more than this. Our meals will range from 150mg of sodium (very low) to around 1000mg (added sea salt, other ingredients with naturally occurring sodium). So long as you aren't adding salt to our meals, you will have low sodium meals!

If you are looking for the lowest possible sodium meals, simply click on the meals and determine the sodium content on the nutrition facts label and/or look for sea salt as one of the ingredients! Remember, you always have full ability to update the meals coming to you every week!

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