Do you offer low-sodium meals?

We definitely understand your concerns about the sodium content in our meals. And… hoo, baby! You just stumbled into the weird and wonderful world that is nutritional science. Yay!

If you’ve been counseled to follow a low-sodium diet (or you’ve heard it’s better for your heart), you should know that sodium is the new fat — it’s the latest tried-and-true dietary recommendation being called into question as the science evolves (and our health continues to do the opposite).

To give you an example — without frying your brain with conflicting information — there are many studies showing that very low amounts of sodium (which is what’s currently recommended) can cause just as many problems as very high amounts.

Also keep in mind that the type of sodium matters. The biggest culprit in our record high sodium levels comes from preservatives and processed foods, not necessarily the naturally occurring sodium found in sea salt, pastured animal products, and certain seasonings. But these sweeping dietary recommendations don’t often take that into account.

Of course none of the sodium in our meals come from preservatives or non-clean ingredients. Only real food and seasonings make the cut here. :)


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