How do I edit my order?

While we will automatically select meals for you each week, based on your taste preferences, feel free to pick and choose what we deliver anytime before our weekly cutoff, which is midnight CT on Wednesdays for delivery the following week.


To change quantity or meal selections:

  • Click 'change' next to the number of meals under plan

To change your order:

  • Click 'Update Meals' in the center of your account page above the current meals

To add/remove meals:

  • Scroll through our menu
  • Click the "+ ADD" or '- minus' sign next to the meal
  • On right hand side, you will see the meals currently in your order


BE SURE TO SELECT THE SAVE BUTTON TO UPDATE THE MENU. You will be redirected back to your main page with an alert at the top that your menu has been updated.


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