How do I add/remove meals from my weekly plan?

Editing your order is a piece of cake. (Gluten free, low glycemic cake.)

While we will automatically select meals for you each week, based on your taste preferences.—Feel free to pick and choose what we deliver anytime before the order cut-off!


To swap out your meal selections:

Log in to your account and add meals from the menu page.

  • To add meals: scroll through our menu and click the "+ ADD" button next to the meal you want.
  • To remove meals: click on "Your Food" in the top right hand corner to see your cart. Click the red "REMOVE" button to take items out of your cart.


To change the quantity:

First, log in to your account. On the left-hand side of your page, select the date you'd like to receive a different number of meals. Then, select the word "Change". A popup will appear, and you'll need to press the green "select" button next to the meal plan that you would like. 

Don't forget to press "SAVE"! 



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