Can I customize any of the meals on your website?

We get this question (or versions of it) probably more than any other. Hitting on the Right Way to Eat is a huge challenge — and if you’ve gotten there somehow, we salute you!

Finding three meals a day that fit your needs (AND taste good, AND contain clean / organic ingredients)... well, that’s pretty much the Holy Grail of food.

So. All that is to say, I get where you’re coming from.

At this time, I’m sorry to say, we are unable to customize menus based on specific ingredients or macronutrient needs.

This is because of two factors: the practicalities involved in preparing lots of meals at one time while keeping costs reasonable, and the Factor 75 food philosophy.


The Practical Reason

The only way we can provide the quality of ingredients that we insist on — while keeping our prices affordable — is to streamline as much of the process as possible. Especially the ordering part. When we can make one bulk order of something like… organic spinach, we save SO much money (which then trickles down to you, in the form of a meal that doesn’t cost $26). Now apply that same thinking to a pricier ingredient, like grass-fed beef. Holy smokes!

Our Philosophy (A.K.A. It doesn’t have to be so complicated)

The Factor 75 food philosophy isn’t about getting ripped or winning marathons (although our food can certainly help you do those things).

Our mission is to make healthy food easy and accessible to everyone. We’re calling bullshit on all the conflicting information out there, on endless web personalities telling you to eat better without providing a way for you do it.

We’re all for the “ninja” levels of nutritional science behind macro customization, but most of our customers will make immense progress just by eating whole foods and ditching refined sugar.

In other words, we want to keep it simple.

We’re planning to offer customization options at some point in the future for sure; we’re just not quite there yet.

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