Is this a diet?

No. We believe eating should be enjoyed and respected, so we focus on quality ingredients packed with all the nutrition you need instead. Most of our meals are designed with paleo or ketogenic restrictions in mind, but in general our meals focus on getting you long term energy (healthy fat and low glycemic carbs), muscle building power (high quality protein), and vegetables (organic micronutrients ready for you).

Depending on how you combine our meals with the other food you enjoy in a day, our meals can help you with many nutritional issues due to their design. Trying to build muscle? Choose our lower carb meals with the most protein power! Looking to cut back on sugar? Honestly, that's all our meals (no added sugar!). Whether you are supplementing your day with our meals or only using our meals to eat, you can accomplish many goals!

And, if at any point in time you need even more direction, you can schedule a complimentary nutrition consult with a dietitian from our nutrition team:

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