Why is there so much fat in these meals?

Fat has gotten a bad rep since the 1980s and earlier. It was demonized as being contributory to heart disease and weight gain. Now, newer research is pointing to fat being a necessary part of everyone's diet. Before I explain these, understand that only natural fats are in Factor 75 meals; we never use processed or hydrogenated fats and never use oils from inflammatory sources like corn, soy, or safflower.

Increasing fat in the diet (closer to 40% of calories instead of the advised 20% or less in the past) has been associated with improved mood, sleep, hair/nail/skin health, micronutrient absorption, hormone balance, and heart health. The most beneficial of these fats are monounsaturated fats (like those found in avocados and olive oil). 

Another beneficial fat research has found is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) typically found in organic dairy and meat (like in our Factor 75 meals). CLA has been linked to increasing fat loss when losing weight. Finally, there is the well-known omega 3 fatty acids (a beneficial polyunsaturated fat for the heart). You will find these awesome fats in our salmon and grass fed beef dishes. 

Overall, we don't want to overdo fat in the diet still, but more and more research continues to show more benefits with weight loss, energy level, and heart health with increased fat intake from healthy sources. We'll take care of the portioning, you enjoy the benefits!

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