What makes a meal paleo?

The Paleo approach to eating focuses on avoiding specific ingredients. Paleo typically increase the fat, protein, and fiber of your meals while avoiding excess starch  intake from sources other than fruits and vegetables. This approach is great for reducing sugar and increasing nutritional quality to meals.

Below is the full list of ingredients we avoid with our Paleo meals:

  • grains (all - including quinoa)
  • refined sugar
  • dairy (ghee/clarified butter permitted)
  • legumes
  • processed foods
  • artificial flavors and sweeteners
  • refined vegetable oils
  • alcohol
  • preservatives
  • fruit juice
  • potatoes (sweet potatoes/yams permitted)

We understand that some follow different standards for the Paleo diet, but this is basics of Paleo! Plus, if you want an alternative Paleo approach (like auto-immune paleo [AIP]), you can set meal preferences on your account to avoid additional ingredients.

To update your meal preferences on a desktop or laptop:

-Log in to your account

-Click on your name in the upper right corner

-Select meal preferences

To update your meal preferences on a mobile device:

-Log in to your account

-Click on menu at the top of the page (3 horizontal lines)

-Select meal preferences

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